It’s the latest wellness trend but what exactly is forest bathing?

Shinrin-Yoku is the Japanese term for this practice which originated in Japan in the 1980’s, however its translation in our language to “forest bathing” can create a puzzling response. The practice of forest bathing is more focused on soaking in the essence of the forest rather than the literal sense of taking a bath in the middle of the forest. Studies have revealed the many health benefits of being immersed in nature, from decreased stress levels, improved vitality to enhanced creativity. Nature experiences can benefit our overall well-being as well as our relational connection to the planet.

Forest Bathing at L’Auberge

The setting at L’Auberge is perfect for this practice with the abundance of wildlife, the rushing sounds of Oak Creek and the variety of tree life that canopies the creek bank. A forest bathing session begins with a brief introduction to the practice followed by an invitation to be mindful of presence. As you begin to let go of distractions you start to notice the opening of your senses, quieting of the mind, and a deeper and more meaningful connection to nature.

We offer private 60 or 90-minute Connecting with Nature sessions, where you will be guided by one of our certified facilitators. Each session is unique in nature, where playful invitations, such as stepping into the creek, can be used to bring out the child in each of us. Reconnect with yourself by finding a sit spot that invites stillness and reflection. To encourage you to continue this practice at home, we provide you with an eco-friendly journal to capture your personal forest bathing experience.

This can be a fun experience for families to explore and enjoy nature in a new way or for couples and solo travelers looking for an opportunity to slow down the busy pace of life and reconnect with what really matters. Many participants have expressed their appreciation of becoming more open to new perspectives and feeling more grounded in the end.

Nature is a natural healer and we have access to its medicine in this beautiful landscape if we just take the time to invite and open to what it has to offer.  Forest bathing may be a new trend but its long lasting effects will leave you feeling refreshed for days to come.

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