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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Jun 5 2020
  • Jun 6 2020
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Sensory Healing

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Be immersed in a pristine forest environment. Connect with nature under a quiet starlit sky. Balance your chakras through the sounds of native flutes. These are just a few of the sensory healing experiences waiting for you at L’Apothecary Spa in tranquil, magical Sedona.

A stream winding through a forest

Forest Bathing

L’Apothecary Spa, set amidst towering woods and flowing creek, affords sensory healing experiences such as bathing in nature. Referred to as “Shinrin-Yoku” in Japan, Forest Bathing is the practice of channeling nature’s essence for the wellness it provides. It focuses on soaking in the essence of the forest (rather than the literal sense of taking a bath in the middle of the forest). A certified Shinrin-Yoku facilitator guides you, immersing you in the natural forest environment to elicit scientifically proven benefits like reduced blood pressure and stress, boosted immune system function, and improved sleep. The experience disconnects you from the world, allowing connections with nature and providing healing practices you can utilize in everyday life. Your session includes an eco-journal to record your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Dress appropriately for the weather with comfortable clothing and shoes. Novice to Advanced

60 minutes, $170 | 90 minutes, $230

One to two people; group pricing available upon request

Starry night sky with Sedona mountains catching last rays of sunset

Star Bathing

In celebration of the dark skies of Sedona and the fresh air of our high desert oasis, Star Bathing is our adaptation of Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing sensory healing. Connect with nature while finding peace under the quiet starlit sky. Our certified Forest Bathing facilitators will guide you toward heightening your other senses when vision is reduced by the darkness of night. Your facilitator will invite you to awaken and attune your senses to the smell of the fresh water flowing through the creek, the rustle of the leaves, the taste in the wind—all while slowing down to meet the calm natural wonders of the night. Novice to Advanced

60 minutes, $170 | 90 minutes, $230

One to two people; group pricing available upon request

A woman in a yoga pose with hands over head stands outside on a deck in the sun facing Sedona mountains

Vortex Treehouse Meditations

Most of Sedona is considered to be a vortex, but there are specific sites where the energy is believed to be most intense: Airport Mesa (cleansing, letting go), Cathedral Rock (allowing, receiving), Bell Rock (loving acceptance), and Boynton Canyon (centering, grounding). We have created four rituals themed after these vortices to help you create a special Sedona experience. Each session includes direction on becoming present, a guided meditation specific to your purpose, a sound bath to enhance your intention, and a closing. These signature sensory healing sessions are offered in our hillside Vortex Treehouse, which offers stunning views of our magical Sedona red rocks. Novice to Advanced

60 minutes, $170 | 90 minutes, $230

One to two people

Woman meditating on rock face overlooking Sedona red rocks

Customized Meditation

Enhance your current practice or learn new methods to promote relaxation and well-being. Methods include guiding imagery, pranayama, and sound healing. Novice to Advanced

60 minutes, $170 | 90 minutes, $230

close up of a woman holding a Tibetan singing bowl

Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses the energy of sound to promote wellness in the human system through various techniques. This signature sensory healing experience begins with a brief discussion of primordial sound healing and moves into a few simple interactive practices of toning and mantra, allowing new discoveries of yourself to surface. Next, a deep relaxation and chakra balancing are achieved through the sounds of seven native flutes that are tuned to the seven main energy centers of the body. Novice to Advanced

60 minutes, $170 | 90 minutes, $230

One to two people

Accommodations & Spa Packages

a woman sits on a hilltop looking away at the sun rising over the mesa

The Intuitive Vortex

Based on your chosen vortex, this handcrafted wellness package gives a guided introduction to Sedona and its vortices through meditation, hiking, and massage.

Woman doing standing yoga pose on rock edge with stream in background

Retrograde Retreat

Embrace retrograde and prioritize wellness with a 2-night stay and over $500 in resort credits towards yoga or meditation, dining, and spa services.

Spa & Breakfast Package

Spa & Breakfast Package

Renew your minds and bodies with a couples massage, signature L’Apothecary treatment, or private in-room treatment, plus a $40 breakfast credit.