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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Apr 12 2024
  • Apr 13 2024
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Time Spent Together for Valentine’s Day

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Time Spent Together for Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day spend the most precious commodity on one another – time. Nourish the connection with your partner by spending time tasting new flavors, bonding through unique experiences, restoring your body or conquering new (trail) heights together. The team at L’Auberge de Sedona has curated romantic offerings for partners to create memories with one another.

L’Apothecary Spa

Whether your intention is for the all-time necessary self-love or to engage in a mutually relaxing experience with your partner, the L’Apothecary Spa practitioners have created a treatment that delivers romance through the senses. This loving treatment is available throughout February.

Infinite Love Massage: A couple’s treatment that goes beyond relaxation into strengthening the bond and learning a new form of communication. In this session for two, guests are invited to understand their love language through touch. Within an intimate setting, couples will learn how to massage one another, with the guidance of a skilled massage therapist, to relieve tension while also deepening their connection with one another. Each guest will then enjoy a 90-minute warm cacao oil massage, followed by an extended time to relax with add a glass of champagne and champagne truffles.

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Cress on Oak Creek

Sharing a meal together while tuning out distractions from the outside world can strengthen a bond between partners. Throughout the Valentine’s Day week (Wednesday 2/14 & Tuesday 2/15) the Cress on Oak Creek culinary team will offer a romantic Valentine tasting menu, with a vegan tasting menu as well.

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Cress Bar will pour out and shake up the Love Affair for guests as an inspired twist on a French martini that showcases bright Japanese mandarin on the palate. Taste the decadent connection of all the flavors including vodka, Japanese gin, chambord, pineapple, lemon and vanilla as they are romanced together for love in a glass.

Immersive Experiences

Offered exclusively to guests of L’Auberge, local experts share metaphysically immersive classes along with curated art experiences for those seeking a fulfilling excursion. Throughout the month of February classes will have a romantic theme allowing guests to show love for themselves as well as their partner.

  • Self-Love Yoga
  • Ignite the Heart Yoga
  • Love in the Air Sound Healing
  • All About the Love Psychic Tarot Reading
  • Cacao Ceremonies

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Winter Wanderlust

Engage your wanderlust spirit in Sedona with several opportunities to wander in Sedona, whether it be among the boutiques and art galleries or within nature hoping from trail to trail. Winter Wanderlust is a guestroom package at L’Auberge that offers guests a multiple night stay with up to $300 in resort credit. Stay longer and wander more.

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Sedona Events

While you’re in Sedona, take part in one of our February traditions – either create endorphins by running in our local race or take part in viewing one of many amazing films.

Posted: January 12, 2024

Spring Awakenings

6 Reasons to Spring in Sedona

With spring in bloom, Sedona and L’Auberge offer a variety of opportunities for equal parts relaxation and discovery. Unwind at the spa with signature treatments, dine along the banks of Oak Creek, meander through gardens and local art installations – the possibilities are endless.

Sound Healing

Replenish with Retrograde Reset

Even if you aren’t a fan of horoscopes and astrology, you’re likely familiar with Mercury retrograde – thought to affect communication and technology, it’s a time that can leave you feeling frazzled, frustrated or confused. Thankfully L’Auberge de Sedona offers guests the ultimate getaway during this tumultuous time in the universe.

Time Spent Together for Valentine's Day

Time Spent Together for Valentine’s Day

We invite you to spend time with your partner this Valentine’s Day to taste new flavors, rejuvenate your mind and body through relaxation, and discover nourishing connections.